Turbocharger BMW X5 3.0D 184HP-135KW GT2256V 700935-1

 Turbocharger  BMW X5 3.0D 184HP-135KW GT2256V  700935-1
Why it's worth to buy?
Our company uses the best regenaration equipments available on the market. For setting balancing core, variable geometry, checking pneumatic and electric valves we use as many as four kind of machines.
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ActuTest 4000 is designed for testing and calibration of electronic actuators and pneumatic actuators for turbochargers, both in pressure and vacuum.

ActuTest 4000 works with all electronic actuators such as:
- Borg Warner
The result of many years' experience and cooperation with turbo workshops is the compact core assembly high speed balancing machine characterized by high accuracy and efficiency.

CMT - 48 twin combines two machines in one housing.

The unit on the left side is CMT – 48 VSR for high speed balancing of turbocharger core assemblies for passenger cars.

The unit on the right side is CMT – 48 tr for balancing turbocharger core assemblies of trucks and vans.

It is also possible to check the core assembly for oil leakage.
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VNTT-PRO tester is designed to perform diagnosis of actuators (electric valves, DC motors) of VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) turbochargers.

These actuators changes position of turbocharger vanes in the same way as in turbochargers where turbine geometry was changed using vacuum.
Warranty on Turbocharger
The Warranty is valid for 12 months. The granted Warranty covers the repair or replacement of turbochargers.
Please call 0208 200 6552 or 07475745803 before returning turbocharger.

It may be possible that we can consult you and help to fix the problem without returning the turbocharger to us.

Please note that all warranty work is to be carried out by our designated authority.

Turbochargers returned under warranty that are subsequently found to have no fault will incur re-test charges of between depending on the type of testing.

Please note that all turbochargers returned under warranty will be returned to you once the turbocharger is repaired.
The complaint will be processed on the condition that the turbocharger is not disassembled or cleaned by the user.
The guarantor reserves the right to bring the vehicle in which the turbocharger is used in order to control the operation of the turbocharger and the engine.

Warranty does not include money refunds.
Turbocharger returned to us as faulty and found to be damaged by incorrect fitting contamination from other parts of the vehicle are not covered under the warranty.
A report will be given and charge for repair will be offered. If repair is not required the turbocharger will be returned to purchaser.
Any charge backs by Ebay / PayPal will be recovered by county court action and debt collection agency.
Just before the turbocharger is installed, engine oil, oil filter and air filter must be replaced.

Your warranty will be invalid if:
- You can't support warranty claim with a valid main dealer invoice for the required parts (oil filter, air filter, new oil, banjo bolts, oil feed pipe, drain pipe - other parts may also need to be changed, please refer to the fitting instructions) and invoice from a professional garage / mechanic for fitting parts mentioned above.
- Your turbocharger will have any visible impact damage. For example if your turbocharger cartridge compressor wheel is damaged by fell in object. Actuator housing has to be undamaged as well.
- Your turbocharger cartridge housing and inside parts will be blue colour. This is a symptom of overheating which happens because of oil starvation.
- If your vehicle ECU was remapped.
- Engine in which the turbocharger was installed is in a poor technical condition
- Lubrication unit malfunctionlow or too high oil pressure.
- Improper combustion too high temperature of exhaust fumes. Leaking suction system
- There was a mechanical damage of turbocharger’s elements
- Silicone was used to seal oil cables The turbocharger was run in a way that is not compliant to the installation manual

Warranty does not cover any ancillary charges such as removal and refitting / hire of vehicles etc.
By purchasing and fitting this turbocharger you agree to all the above terms and conditions of sale.

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This turbocharger is for sale only on "Exchange basis". This means that you'll have to send us your old unit. More information.
  • Model: BMW X5
  • Engine: M57D E53 RL
  • Power: 184HP-125KW
  • Capacity: 3000cc
  • Year: 2001-
  • Serial No.: 700935-1
  • Producer No.: Garrett
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • £260.00
  • Ex Tax: £260.00

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